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Legal Case Study Essay - 1109 Words

Legal Case Study Susan L Groover Walden University Legal Case Study Examine the implications of health law for nurses, ethical principles, and decision making when faced with the potential for medical error is part of the nurse’s daily activity when caring for patients. Each state has a Board of Nursing governing the practice of nurses. The board of nursing specifies through codes, titles, articles, and definitions how the licensed registered nurses can legally practice. The case study â€Å"Where Did This Patient’s Intravenous (IV) Therapy Go Awry?† is the study being addressed in the paper. Error The nurse in this case chose to perform a nursing procedure without a physician’s order. The nurse felt she had no†¦show more content†¦Then forgetting to pass along the information to the physician and the staff. Standard 4.2 requires nurses to take responsibility for their actions. The case study does not state how the nurse reacted to her actions. Nurses are to take responsibility for their acti on every shift. The taking of responsibility for starting an IV in the foot without an order and then forgot to pass along the incident in report is a not taking responsibility for her actions. The other nurses caring for Mrs, Smoltz did not do a complete assessment and was not responsible in their nursing practice as well. If the nurses caring for Mrs. Smotlz had done a complete assessment, they would have seen the injection site, redness, and swelling in the patient’s right leg only. Ethical standard 4.3 states â€Å"individual nurses are responsible for assessing their own competence†. If a nurse is over worked, short staffed, and uneducated to the nursing guidelines and policies of the hospital, the nurse is not stopping to assessing their abilities and they are liable for their performance. The nurse’s failure to adhere to the ethical standards placed the patient in danger. Had the nurse not performed the IV insertion into the patient’s right foot , the patient’s probability of surviving pulmonary embolisms related to the deep vein thrombosis in the right popliteal and femoral veins would be high. The nurse practice act is to protect and assist nurses in their daily practice. ThisShow MoreRelatedLegal Case Study On Legal Cases Essay858 Words   |  4 PagesLegal Case Study Background of two legal cases The two legal cases I studied involved sexual harassment. Both cases were similar, in that each involved multiple people and the plaintiffs were terminated in retaliation for reporting the alleged violations. In the first case, three female employees reported claims of sexual harassment against a warehouse supervisor with New Breed Logistics. The three stated they were subjected to lewd, obscene and vulgar sexual remarks, as well as, unwelcome sexualRead MoreLegal Case Study1280 Words   |  6 PagesAssume it is now July 2017, what legal advice would you provide to both Rose and Dennis? Dennis has purchased an old building in which Rose, a long-standing friend has asked to lease this building from Dennis, with the intentions to run a florist business. Dennis agrees to this proposal and a written signed leased agreement was prepared and signed by both parties involved. A fee was agreed that Rose would pay Dennis $2,000 a month in rent. Further down the track rose beings to struggle with cashRead MoreLegal Case Study Essay1321 Words   |  6 PagesLegal Case Study The American Automobile industry has historically been tied to the nations economic cycle in which three or four years were good followed by one or two poor years. In 1977 there were four major U.S. automakers including General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and American Motors. Imports were starting to make their presence in the market because they offered subcompact cars at reasonable prices. Ford started producing the Ford Pinto on August 10, 1970. FordRead MoreLegal Case Study Essay845 Words   |  4 PagesLegal Case Study Tom agrees to give Ellen private tuition for her Law of Contract examination to held in eight months time. The fee is  £300, of which Ellen pays  £25, with the balance to be paid on completion of the tuition. Tom spends  £50 in the preparation of some printedRead MoreSome Legal Case Studies1474 Words   |  6 PagesLegal Case Studies Question One The basic premise of this case has to do with contract law and how that is applied. Since Australian law follows the principles set down in English contract law (as is the case with most other English speaking countries), most of the basic legislation differs little from that basis. However, there have been cases and specific legislation that make Australian contracts unique. First, it has to be understood what is necessary for a contract to be legal, and thenRead MoreLegal Case Study Essay1023 Words   |  5 PagesLegal Case Study This case is about the disagreement between Simpsons Ltd v Thowers Ltd. The carrier’s liabilities will be discussed in three parts, firstly to resolve the problem, I am going to give a short description of the main components of the contractRead MoreLegal Case Management Software Case Study716 Words   |  3 Pagesopposed to a larger legal practice. An interesting side note here is that many small legal firms have now raised the bar of standards to the level of large-sized legal firms by using what is commonly called law firm case management software. That said, because of this cutting-edge tool, now any size legal firm can run a smoother, more professional, more efficient and easier to manage law practice that better serves the best interests of a law practices client base. Legal Case Management Software:Read MoreCase Study of NewCorp Legal865 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿NewCorp Legal Legal Encounter One NewCorp is potentially liable for breaching Pats employee contract based on the termination terms established in the contract. NewCorp needed to put in the contract that hiring Pat was based on a three month probationary period. Pat also signed a document that stated that the employer has the right to terminate the employee at any time with respect to discharge; however, Pat believed that the document did not pertain to him because of the clause in the employeeRead MoreSample Resume : National Diploma Essay875 Words   |  4 Pages5 Case study -1 (a) According to my perspective, Davis has breached the rules under the Fair Trading Act 1986. Undoubtedly, he had faith in that information, which was provided to him and this shows unintentional falsification. He has got proof as well for relying third party. But Mr. Bramley can claim $500 for his loss under section 40. As per section a b and c, he can ignore prosecution, but according to commerce commission act he is still responsible for Mr. Bramley. Case study 1 (b)Read MoreEssay on Unit 205 Duty of Care771 Words   |  4 Pagescomplaints, making sure you know and follow agreed procedures. TASKS There are three tasks to this assignment. TASK 1 2 3 TASK 1 1. Identify the following requirements when dealing with complaints. †¢ Legal EVIDENCE Short answer questions Letter Case studies OUTCOMES 3.1, 3.2 1.1, 1.2 2.1, 2.2 For a legal complaint there must be evidence collected and statements taken from all people involved in the complaint. †¢ Organisational A complaint must be acknowledged within 3 working days. The responsible

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The Problem Of Global Warming - 1088 Words

Four decades from now, we do not want to repeat the story in the movie The Age of Stupid, in which a man lives in the devastated future world of 2055. The man looks back to today’s date and asks himself why we did not stop the climate change when we had the chance. However, today global warming is out of control, global temperatures are steadily rising. â€Å"The primary cause, a consensus of scientists has said, is the rising emissions of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane† (Stone, 2013). The CO2 stays in the atmosphere for 50 to 100 years, nitrous oxide for 114 years while the methane stay in the atmosphere for at least 12 years. The impact of these greenhouse gases is of an immediate concern as it is increasing and is long lasting so we should not wait any longer to control the human activities that produce these greenhouse gases causing the climate change. For instance, we do not want to wait for another hurricane such as Katrina to occur. Hurricane Katrina was a climate change effect. The Regents of the University of California (2014) states Hurricane Katrina and other hurricanes develop when the water and the sun heat the air above the ocean and causes atmospheric low pressures known as tropical depressions. The heat on the air above the ocean causes the hurricane. Besides, scientists say that temperature depends on the greenhouse gases (GHGs) such as carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, nitrous oxide and water (H2O) vapor in the atmosphere. These greenhousesShow MoreRelatedGlobal Warming Is A Problem Essay1527 Words   |  7 PagesAbstract Global warming is a dilemma; it is a debatable issue between a fact and a theory, between approval and disapproval and between having advantages and disadvantages. Endless questions that have indefinite answers arise to a man’s mind when just tackling the idea of the global warming. Many people do not take in consideration the environmental issues, their main interests lie behind thinking about their personal lives and needs. Only few who think about the environment they‘re living in. IsRead MoreThe Problem Of Global Warming1131 Words   |  5 PagesOne of the biggest problems facing in today s world is global warming. It is affecting the earth from climate changes, storms becoming worse over time creating damage to peoples homes, species dying because they can’t adapt rapidly to the changes, animal s population is shrinking and new diseases being created. Thankfully through time we have developed new technology to reduce the effect of global warming. However since we have dealt with global warming for so long for many years, we have doubleRead MoreThe Problem Of Global Warming1228 Words   |  5 PagesWhat is a Social Problem? A social issue is defined as an area of conflict in a social setting that influences different people and is often out of reach of the control of an individual or local geographical authority (Weart 73). Some social problems, however, are not perceived universally as such, resulting in a difference in opinion between different groups. Other social issues are universally recognized as justifiable and, therefore, are addressed by everyone. Global warming is a social issueRead MoreGlobal Warming Is A Problem1381 Words   |  6 PagesWhat is global warming? Global warming is the polar bears and penguins fighting for their lives because their home is melting. Global warming is seventy-degree weather in the middle of February. Global warming is the rapid increase in tropical storms. Global warming is the California drought. Global warming is the harmful wildfires occurring in our forests (NRDC). Many people, mostly politicians, believe that global warming is a problem that doesn’t exist. Global warming is a real issue that we cannotRead MoreThe Problem Of Global Warming1311 Words   |  6 Pagesknow is inhabitable is now being destroyed by man. As humanity has revolutionized we have created many problems along the way. The main problem we are facing right now is called global warming. We have damaged many ecosystems trying to better ourselves, and we have not yet once thought about the damage we are inflicting on our mother earth. We are already beginning to see the effects of global warming. It will make little changes that will have a huge impact, and devastate many ecosystems and everythingRead MoreThe Problem Of Global Warming1430 Words   |  6 PagesGlobal Warming in the United Stated Global warming is no longer just a prediction it is actually happening. It is undisputed that the average temperature at the surface of Earth has increased over the past century by 1 degree Fahrenheit, with both the air and the oceans warming. Since 1880, when people in many locations first began to keep temperature records, the 25 warmest years have all occurred within the last 28 years. The problem is that if we keep on hurting our own environment and ecosystemsRead MoreThe Problem Of Global Warming1443 Words   |  6 Pagesstruggle such as the Syrian war. One reason why Syrians are engaged in a war is that they are experiencing extreme heat and drought which causes them to be more rebellious and aggressive. The underlying cause of these trouble can be due to global warming. Global warming occurs when carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases trap heat in Earth’s atmosphere because some of the sun’s ray cannot escape. It is a worldwide phenomenon that impacts each a nd every one of us because it cause irregular climate patternsRead MoreGlobal Warming Is A Problem1654 Words   |  7 Pagesthis reason is global warming. Global warming is a problem that some people choose to ignore. They claim it does not exist. Global warming is real. It is time for people to stop ignoring it and start searching for a solution. Although many people do not believe in global warming, blaming the climate change on the sun, global warming is a serious danger to the Earth because it could have serious effects on the plant and animal populations. To fully grasp the effects of global warming, one must firstRead MoreGlobal Warming Is A Global Problem1418 Words   |  6 PagesThe reason why, I decided to focus on global warming is because it doesn’t just affect one person it affects everyone as a national crisis. Numerous individuals don’t believe in global warming, but to scientist this is a big dilemma. In the article, â€Å"closer looks at climate change, it’s specified that these issues are not new, they have been around forever† (Schmidt, 2010). â€Å"In the article the real case against activist global warming, has gotten the response of the president of the United States†Read MoreThe Problem Of Global Warming1300 Words   |  6 Pageshelp of society. One of the problems is global warming. Global warming is only possible by having excess of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. So where is the excess carbon dioxide coming from? Have you ever spray a can of hair spray well that hair spray contains carbon dioxide, but just one person doesn’t make a difference now think about a whole world who uses it each time you spray, carbon dioxide is released in the world, yet this is not the real threat of global warming. The real main threat is

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Contemporary Issues for study of Accounting - Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: 1:What isclimaticimpact from various emissions by Qantas Airways? 2:What ways has Qantas Airways strategized climatic impacts into business objectives? 3:How are the endeavors made by Qantas Airways focused? 4:What is the targeted emissions reduction in the current year against past years? Answer: Introduction: Increasing awareness of climate change impacts around the globe has led to companies to adopt CDP disclosures(Sussman, 2008). Climate Change Information Request a program of CDP analyses greenhouse gas emissions of company activities. Such disclosures norms strive to attain reduced exposure to climatic change and to mitigate effects that cause climate change.The CDP body works along with various corporates and investors to study and analyse ways such that positive impact can be caused on the environment. In such disclosure norms companies are required to provide details regarding their greenhouse gas emissions in their CDP by means of an Online Response System (ORS). Australian regulatory boards are striving to attain positive climatic impacts through disclosure norms. Qantas Airways, a leading airline in Australia and is the flag carrier in Australia. The Company was established in the year 1921 in Winton, Queensland(Bulkeley, 2015). Currently it flies to most parts of the world and has its headquarters in Mascot, Sydney, Australia. It enjoys a 65% Australian market share and 14.4% of passengers flying inside or outside of Australia. The Company is focused on reduction in emission targets such that it can make positive impact globally. It has been rated as a A-grade Company in its Climate score, due to its carbon related activities undertaken. The scope of this report analyses carbon related impact on the climate caused by the Company. Practical Motivation: Climate change information request 2015 aims at obtaining several data and information in regards to carbon emissions done by the Company. Qantas Airways is a well-known airline that is focused on reducing its emissions, which is target driven by the Climate change procedures. The Company is committed to reduce its emissions and make use of sustainable resources as much as possible(1037-1070, 2008). Though the several airplanes that belongs to the airline functions on fossil fuel, which is a non-renewable and non-sustainable source, it is planting trees and reducing its carbon footprints in other activities. Most office of Qantas are adopting renewable sources of energy for their regular functionality and reducing wastages of energy. All sources that leads to climatic impact are analysed and their carbon footprints are calculated. Each of such items are taken and transformed in an endeavor to reduce impact. The Company is focused on innovation and sustaining renewable mechanisms for every purposes, also devising means by which fossil fuel can best be replaced. Except for where necessary, the Company is not making use of fossil fuel adapting to efficient energy usages(Karim, 2008). At various offices it is making use of solar panels and wind energy sources to reduce its impact on the climate. The Company has adopted all possible means to store and publish data that are in accordance to its Climate impact. Its disclosure agreement provides detailed data and procedures regarding each and every heads that are provided by the CDP. The high scoring potentiality of the Company is reflected by the valuable perspective it attaches to the activities that is being performed by the Company for responding to climate change. Through operational excellence and energy efficient usage, it has been able to make considerable impact on creating an innovative measure. Theoretical Motivation: The Paris Agreement has been ratified at a very fact pace determining heavy reliance on developing Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs) on corporates. The new agreement makes it clear that for climate change to be impacted, corporates needs to adapt to norms and procedures that prevents further degradation of the environment. Business strategies needs to revolutionize their businesses based on low-carbon that can limit rise in temperatures(Cotter, 2012). Preventing global warming has become a heavy task, with generation of reliance on everyone to contribute towards the cause in an unprecedented manner. For the scope of the current analysis of Qantas Airlines, legitimacy theory has been adopted. Legitimacy theory considers generalized perception in regards to beliefs and actions of an entity on basis of socially constructed norms. Legitimacy theory applied on this study will consider that climate degradation has been initiated and, Qantas is trying to make a positive impact to resto re such degradation. There is a tremendous amounts of stress that is caused on the climate due to carbon emissions from several activity that can be reduced by socially accepted norm of legitimacy theory(Mills, 2009). The theory allows development and consideration of several facts and figures that will help development of the study and to reach its goals and objectives. Motivation: Practical The dependent variable in this construct comprises of the climate change that is being impacted by activities of the corporation(Pinkse, 2009). Qantas Airlines in connection with its external as well as internal stakeholders have adopted several procedures that can provide positive impact on the climate change. Internal stakeholders along with Investors of the Company are committed to the long term effect that climate change can create hence have made a financial provision that is dedicated to creating a positive impact. The Company has a strong Board of Corporate Governance that provides yearly disclosures on ground of total financial commitment to back initiatives and innovation for creating a positive impact on the climate(Rankin, 2011). Along with planting of trees, adapting to renewable sources of energy, the Company is also taking other initiatives that can go a long way to create sustenance. It investors have also supported the joint initiative program and innovation technique s for the Company. Customers are growing their awareness regarding the impacts that they can cause to the environment by joining hands with corporates that are interested in making a positive impact on the environment(Milne, 2011). Theoretical Qantas Airlines in its recent CDP disclosures and target development have committed to saving of bird life and preserving natural fauna. It has also committed to measure targeted outcome on measurement of reduction in melting of Southern Polar Ice-Caps. Through joint programs with investors and other stakeholder groups it has aimed at preserving the environment and committing a sustainably achievable goal that can generate greater impacts. Polar ice cap melting have been associated with rising sea-levels. Various shores in Australia have recently experienced submerging of shores and advancing of beaches(Lawrence, 2009). This can directly be linked to commercial activity along with emissions that has led to rising of temperatures in Southern hemisphere. Qantas cannot depict achievement of its environmental targets similar to financial ones but can analysis data and disclose requirements related to them. Conflicting previous results Earlier research and analysis of data reveal that impact and harm already done on the climate is way beyond reversible. Qantas endeavors in order to create a positive impact on the environment might not be able to yield positive results within sufficient periods of time. As climate change has been precedent from a long period of time, impact it has already created is irreversible hence, probably corporations around the world needs to create an effort to be carbon negative such that effects of climatic change can be reversed. This theoretical construct is aimed at depicting the various hypothesis Qantas has adopted in order that positive impact on the environment can be generated. Assigned Theory According to CDP it contains various points and headings which can generate a positive impact on the climate and on the environment. The theoretical and conceptual analytical model for the purpose and scope of analysis deals in getting information in the brochure from the companies that can develop a positive and sustainable impact on the environment. This brochure can be assessed by investors and other stakeholders of the Company in order to evaluate the impact generated on the environment. Key theoretical constructs Theoretical construct is meant to meant to analyse models, theories and concepts in order to analyse the study. The study will encompass two primary variables namely dependent variables and independent variables(, Retrieved on 7th September 2017). Dependent variable in this scope of study has been determined to climate change. Climate change is a prolonged impact that is caused from pollutants and emissions, which gives rise to carbon. Emissions caused by burning of fossil fuel from airplanes have further added to levels of pollution causing climatic impact. Through this theoretical construct it can clearly be understood that endeavors undertaken by Qantas for reducing impact from carbon footprints add to positivity. The independent variable which are several efforts made by Qantas in Australia have been considered to generate immense effect on the dependent variable in reducing the harnessing causes degrading the climate. The scope of this study through several theoretical and conceptual framework aims to establish a connect between the Dependent Variable (DV) and the Independent Variable (IV). Qantas has undertaken several efforts to draw on a connection that can establish relation between DV, which is climate change with that of independent variable (IV) which are all efforts made by the Company towards making of a positive impact. The scope of the research also envisages another prominent variable which includes the time duration during which such efforts are made to reduce the impact of pollution(Mills, 2009). More the prolonged time period for which activities are undertaken to reduce impact from pollution more is the effect on the climate. Such prolonged efforts made by Qantas can lead to reduction in global temperature and create a positive impact on the environment. Conceptual Model: Figure 1: Conceptual Model Hypotheses For the purpose of this study, there will be two hypothesis that will be assumed in the scope of discussion. Null Hypothesis (H0) and the alternate Hypothesis (H1), which will be governed by the variables. In the Null Hypothesis the basis of assumption lies that climatic change will not be impacted through any endeavors undertaken by Qantas. Whereas in the Alternate Hypothesis, it has been assumed that DV which is the climate change will be a function of the IV which are several activities undertaken by Qantas. The study will aim to establish truth of alternate hypothesis and reject null hypothesis in totality. Proxy Measures for Theoretical Constructs Theoretical Construct Proxy measure Dependent (DV), Independent (IV), or Control Variable (CV) Source Impact on Southern Ice-Caps Rate at which ice-caps are melting DV-Climate Change IV-Activities undertaken by Qantas Airways Qantas Airways CDP data Rising water levels in Australian shores Flooding and rising sea-levels along sea-shores DV-Climate Change IV-Activities undertaken by Qantas Airways Scientific data measures and collection Research Method A research method is important for the purpose of undertaking any type of study. For purpose of analysis it is integral that data is collected, which can be done from sources primary and secondary in nature. This study has progressed on the basis of inductive analysis of explorative research philosophy. A research philosophy is one which a scholar adopts for the purpose of conducting his research. In explorative research philosophy, various theories and concepts in accordance to legitimacy theory has been adopted and explored. Further data has mostly been obtained from CDP brochure of Qantas Airways in ways such that all relevant and critical information can be obtained. Primary data collection has been avoided due to lack of time and lack data availability for Qantas Airways. Secondary data obtained from Qantas Airways and CDP format reveals several facts regarding the corporation. The research method has adopted mostly analysis of qualitative data and quantitative data has been ign ored in totality for the sake of simplicity of analysis. Qualitative procedures have been initially analysed in this proposal post, which quantitative measures has been adopted and analysed. There is scope for further research for including more varied conceptual models that can reflect regarding the various procedures for environmental and climatic impacts. Reference 1037-1070. (2008). The strategic significance of environmental sustainability by Australian-listed property trusts. Journal of Property Investment Finance, 522-540. Archel, P. H. (2009). Social disclosure, legitimacy theory and the role of the state. Accounting, auditing accountability journal, 1284-1307. (Retrieved on 7th September 2017). Australian Climate Leadership Report. Bulkeley, H. . (2015). Governing climate change. Routledge. Cotter, J. . (2012). Institutional investor influence on global climate change disclosure practices. Australian journal of management, 169-187. Gibson, J. L. (2008). Challenges to the impartiality of state supreme courts: Legitimacy theory and new-style judicial campaigns. American Political Science Review, 59-75. Hhne, N. B. (2011). Contributions of individual countries emissions to climate change and their uncertainty. Climatic change, 359-391. Karim, M. F. (2008). Impacts of climate change and sea-level rise on cyclonic storm surge floods in Bangladesh. Global Environmental Change, 490-500. Lawrence, P. (2009). Australian climate policy and the Asia Pacific partnership on clean development and climate (APP). From Howard to Rudd: continuity or change? International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics, 281-299. Mills, E. (2009). A global review of insurance industry responses to climate change. The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance-Issues and Practice, 323-359. Milne, M. J. (2011). Climate change accounting research: keeping it interesting and different. Accounting, Auditing Accountability Journal, 948-977. Pinkse, J. . (2009). International business and global climate change. Routledge. Rankin, M. W. (2011). An investigation of voluntary corporate greenhouse gas emissions reporting in a market governance system: Australian evidence. Accounting, Auditing Accountability Journal, 1037-1070. Sussman, F. G. (2008). Adapting to climate change: A business approach (p. 41). Arlington, VA: Pew Center on Global Climate Change.

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Resurrection And Christ Essays - Iconography Of Jesus,

Resurrection And Christ Resurrection & Christ. Extended Written Response. For many centuries, artists throughout the world have aimed to capture and portray a particular theme or subject in accordance to their religious beliefs, personal influences, and mood, or based entirely upon societal influences. The figure of Christ and the manner in which he has been depicted has varied immensely over the years, which is highly indicative of changing social attitudes. Piero della Francesca's Resurrection of 1463, and Julie Rrap's Christ of 1984, have each depicted a Christ like figure in a way that illustrates their personal beliefs and also reflects the public's stance regarding the depiction of Christ at the time each artwork was completed. The two artworks are significantly different in style and representation, as each artist has selected different media and entirely different approaches and interpretations. These significant differences are mainly due to the eras in which each artwork was produced. Francesca's fresco is a classic product of the Italian Renaiss ance period, whereas Rrap's piece is indicative of ?our changing society and its religious values.? (Israel, 1997, p.160). Francesca composed his piece during the Early Renaissance period at the beginning of the 15th century, where faith in the theoretical foundations of art was highly placed. During this time, many examples of Ancient art were revered as both a source of inspiration and also as a record of trial and error that had the ability to reveal the success of the former great artists. (Pioch, 1996, p.1). About this time, there was still a set format of how particular Christian figures were perceived to have appeared; hence Francesca has depicted the figure of Christ in the stereo typed perception. Yet he has done so in a manner that fully exemplifies the era he was in, and also indicates his personal interest and success with the use of perspective. Alternatively, Rrap's photomontage Christ has been compiled at a time when female stereo types are being challenged. The artwork challenges ?the male dominance of past art.? Typical of postmodern art, this piece is quite the feminist statement, and i s in keeping with many of her previous artworks. (Israel, 1997, p.160). The two artworks are noticeably different immediately upon viewing, as Resurrection is a fresco and Christ is a photomontage. The fresco was compiled with the use of pigment being applied to wet plaster, whereas the photomontage is in essence an installation arrangement that has used a collage technique with the use of photographs. Rrap has used a piece of art by Munch and outlined the figure it depicted, and then positioned herself whilst semi-naked within the outline. It is this placement of herself within the outline that has enabled her to ?slip out of the stereotype of the female? (Israel, 1997, p.160). The image was then divided and abstracted, with the use of thick brush strokes in the background, creating a sense of movement. Resurrection however has been produced in a far more simple manner, with the composition comprising of Jesus standing with one leg raised onto a tomb, whilst four Roman guards are sleeping by the tomb at his feet. Jesus, swathed in red cloth, is holding a flag in an almost triumphant and defiant gesture. The foreground figures have all been placed in perspective, yet the background appears quite out of place in conjunction. Few colours have been used in Christ, yet the chosen colours of yellow and black inter mixed in the background, red on blue for the crucifix, and the exaggerated yellow flesh tone in the photo on the blue have all been used successfully. They each contribute to the overall effect of the image in a positive mode. Conversely, Francesca's fresco has encompassed the use of realistic colour throughout the entire image. The colours have been used skillfully and created tone and depth in all aspects of the fresco, contributing to the desired ?realistic representation? of figures. (Hopwood, 1996, p.80B). Each artist has chosen and used their colour in an approach that is indicative and typical of their era, Francesca in particular. Despite the imposing position that Jesus has been placed in within Resurrection, his facial expression along with the overall composition of figures and the landscape creates an almost peaceful and