Friday, July 26, 2019

Research critique part 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Research critique part 2 - Essay Example Both the independent and dependent variables have been identified in the study. The independent variables were the task-oriented leadership, and relationship-oriented leadership. The dependent variable in the study relates to job satisfaction. Questionnaires were used to collect data from the 444 nurses. More to this, interviews were used to collect data from 40 ward managers, and 13 directors. The managers and directors also filled questionnaires after their interview. In addition, field observations in 40 wards were carried out to provide data for the study. The 444 nurses were too many to conduct interviews with them, thus had to use questionnaires to avoid the tedious process. Questionnaires also allow for fast collection of data. Interviews with and questionnaires for the managers and directors were used to collect specific information. The interviews were also used as they provided the researchers with an opportunity to clarify on certain things. The questionnaires to the 444 nurses were filled and were returned within the three to four days that observations took place in the respective wards. The interviews were also conducted during the week that the various wards were under observation, as well as filling of the questionnaires. Ward visits lasted between 20-30 hours per ward for the three or four days spent in a ward. A total of 900 hours were spent on the observations. The wards were visited one at a time, and the nurses issued with the questionnaire to fill in at their own time. The interviews also took place during the time the wards were visited for the first author to make observations. The data was analyzed by use of two-level analyses. These were the individual predictor and the ward-level predictors. Leadership style was the individual predictor. Use of teams, staff stability, and workload were the ward-level predictors. A software

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