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Ottomans Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Ottomans - Essay Example The Turks conquered the Byzantine city Bilecik in the year 1299. Subsequently, several other cities, villages and forts in Byzantium were conquered by these warriors. These developments took place, in the earlier years of the 1300s. In addition, several of the Turkish principalities and tribes were also annexed (Parry 65). As such, the origin of the Ottoman dates back to the year 1299, when it evolved from a frontier principality of Anatolia. In the years that followed, it emerged as an important empire of the world. Its territory extended from Eastern Europe and the Arabian Peninsula to North Africa, in the sixteenth century. Thereafter, it underwent a gradual decline and was extinguished in the year 1922 (Gocek 3). This was due to the formation of Turkey on its central lands. The merging of western influences with the extant social structure resulted in a divided bourgeois. This brought about fragmentation of its bureaucratic and commercial classes, which in turn resulted in the decline of the Ottoman Empire (Gocek 3).Kosovo was under the control of Serbia for different spells of varying duration, until a final defeat in the year 1455. Thereafter, both these nations became Turkish allies and part of the Ottoman Empire (What is History of Kosovo). Subsequently, Bayezid II became the Ottoman Sultan in the year 1481. He continued in his father’s footsteps, by promoting both eastern and western culture. This was in distinct contradiction to the practices of the other Sultans. In addition, Bayezid II spared no pains in his efforts to have a smooth political culture in the nation. This earned him the well – deserved sobriquet of the Just (Bayezid II). The empire of the Seljuk Turks was undergoing a systematic breakdown. The outcome was the emergence of several Turkish states in Asia Minor. The Ottoman state had its humble beginnings in

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