Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Articles Summary Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Articles Summary - Article Example s another 45 days to evaluate the child and it takes another 30 days for the Admission, Review and Dismissal committee to decide whether the child qualifies for special education or not. While writing the request a parent needs to clearly but briefly identify why they believe their child is in need of special education. While addressing this question the parent should outline concerns such as academic problems and the parents even need to clearly state that if the school has implemented any method to help the child, the procedure should not result in decreasing the speed of the review of the child. The IDEA has established that schools can try to help the child before and even when the evolution of the child by the school district is going on. They can help the child through RTI which is designed in order to provide support to those children who are failing to perform well in academics. Once the evaluation of the child is completed an ARD meeting is held in which the parent participates as a member. Once it has been identified by the ARD committee that the child requires special education services, and then the Individual Education Program is developed. After parents have requested for their child to be evaluated, it is the duty of the school district of Texas to provide parents with a document called Notice of Procedural Safeguards and this document contains information about the rights of the parents. If a child is not considered to be evaluated for special education and if a child is not believed to be provided with special education, the parents can get the child evaluated from an independent entity and the expense for this evaluation is paid by the school district. Before a child is provided with special education a parent needs to get the child evaluated by the school district for this form of education. The school district reviews the application of the parents and then decides whether a child is eligible for this form of education or not. The article

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