Thursday, September 12, 2019

Position Paper on Kouzes & Posner style of leadership Essay

Position Paper on Kouzes & Posner style of leadership - Essay Example The examples and case studies used in this humble work indicate my genuine concern to the area of their focus. To be precise, the paper as a whole tends to demonstrate the best model of leadership- a Kouzes-Posner perspective-that is apt to the changing socio-economic, cultural environment. Successful completion of every venture depends on well assigned goals and effective coordination of human efforts. Certain organizational objectives require long term endurance and strategic approach as the proverb reminds, â€Å"Rome is not built in a day.† In contrast, immediate strategies and intensive actions are essential for short term projects. Regardless of the condition (no matter political or organizational) leaders assigned to integrate the whole HR have pivotal roles and responsibilities in aligning the citizens/workforce to accomplish the intended mission. In other words, â€Å"those who are granted power must be held accountable†. (Gardner 1993, p. 153). The factors that determine the significance of an achievement are the pain, relentless efforts, perseverance and long term training undergone by individuals and groups. At this juncture, how these various factors could be integrated in a highly fragmented, social environment is the major concern of presen t day leadership. To my hunch, Kouzes-Posner could be the best model to illustrate the essentials of leadership. The theme lines of the story of the beautiful movie, ‘Stand and Deliver’ speak about the determining structure of any organization under the leadership of an effective manager. The story of the movie may be taken as a reflection of what actually happens in many organizational setups where raise and fall of a leader take very little time to happen (Jesness, 2002). From the light of the critical evaluation of the content covered in the article, the leadership issue hiding here is understood as ‘Strategic Leadership Failure’. According to

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