Friday, August 23, 2019

Case study 11 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

11 - Case Study Example Janice should consider getting support from the hotel’s executives through Tony for her group business. In addition, Janice should focus HR practices to increase collaboration amongst group members and their superiors or supervisors. The best way to deal with group businesses is to employ HR strategies. Thirdly, Janice can use heritage relationships to form and organize these groups. Janice should first find out existing trends in the lodging sector. Second, Janice should determine the most promising domestic and visit trends. Third, Janice should find out The Christopher Hotel’s rivals and their success so far. The fourth step is finding out the likely accommodation market sectors in the region. Lastly, Janice can find out the residence and average room rate that a new property at can accomplish. Janice can simply find out what the competition is up to by visiting their website and associate blogs or social media accounts. If the competition has not posted the specifics and time of these activities on these sites, Janice can attend a conference held by competition and pick up news about their events and successes. Other ways for finding out the operations and timing of the competition is compiling a report, enrolling their suppliers, or even employing

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