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Multiculturalism in Britain Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Multiculturalism in Britain - Essay Example Any perfect society embraces and cherishes the notion of cultural diversity and it encourages interactions between members of different cultures. In Britain, multiculturalism, when it was developed in the 1970s, had inter-cultural integration as its main objective. The foundation of the policy was based on â€Å"commitment to equal respect and an interpretation of equality as meaning that non-assimilation is acceptable† (Parekh 5). This means that the policy would ensure that communities lived harmoniously in the country without having to loose their identity and cultures. The multiculturalism policy in Britain has resulted in the presence of composite and hybrid identities that are not really common in other European countries. However, some groups in the country have taken advantage of the flexibility of this policy to advance their own personal and mainly selfish agendas. This has seen the rise of extremists groups in the country and a large portion of the population blames multiculturalism for giving extremists a chance to carry out their terrorist activities within the country. This has raised a lot of confusion and caused a lot of tensions with some communities being specifically targeted by others for deportation from the country. Multiculturalism, while its intentions are noble, has its own drawbacks that include freedom and possibility limitations (Slack). It is also seen by many as a means of legitimizing racism, hence the notion that it is divisive (Murray). In the past government efforts to bring national cohesion were compromised by attempts to bring up the question of xenophobia and racism within the populace. It remains to be seen what exactly it is that the coalition government led by Cameron will achieve in terms of putting in place measures to preach peaceful co-existence and acceptance in different communities that are represented in the country (Parekh 23). Cameron’s remarks that multiculturalism policy has failed should have b een accompanied by suggestions on how to make the situation better. The government has been for the last few years been at the forefront in condemning the actions of extremist groups, especially Islamic extremists who are out to cause mayhem and panic among Britons. There have been a number of successful crackdowns on these groups, but there is widespread fear that the entire Islamic community is being targeted. The government can do better to ensure that no one feels threatened by these crackdowns or by the extremists. The Labour Party has its own Prevent Strategy which seeks to prevent violent extremism in Britain. The question is whether such a policy would enhance cohesion or cause even more tension in a country that already has reservations about accepting certain people in its midst. Many Muslims in the country have discredited the Prevent Strategy which they claim is being used as a spying mechanism on them (Modood 97). It is clear that the Prevent strategy would not really w ork at the moment since a lot of communities would feel targeted. What Britain needs is a well planned integration policy that encourages communities to live together without prejudice. 2002 Home Office White Paper stated that â€Å"

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