Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Mona Lisa`s Portrait Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Mona Lisa`s Portrait Analysis - Essay Example It is often assumed that standing in front of the portrait evokes senses that also create some sort of connection with the woman in the portrait. The whole idea of standing and appreciating the beauty of the portrait is quite fascinating and alluring in every sense considering its recognition as one of the highly admired piece of artwork in the world (Claire (1999) The portrait is a fine piece of work of one of the highly admired and well-respected artist of the world, Leonardo Da Vinci. His creativity and artistic touch earned him a place in millions of hearts across the world. It is assumed that Leonardo Da Vinci never completed his artworks and used to leave them unfinished. The portrait of Mona Lisa took four years of time to emerge as one of the highly intriguing portraits of all time. This piece of art was finished in the 15th century in France that also highlight the fact of the rise of art and creativity in different parts of the world. The portrait of Mona Lisa did not grab eyeballs till the 19th century when emerging symbolist movement began to recognize its worth, beauty and relevance. The appreciation level reached new heights attracting others to appreciate the work along with identifying wide arrays of stories pertaining to the woman’s face, landscape and the whole idea of portraying a woman showcasing enigmatic emotions. Analyzing the picture gives an idea that the whole ambiance of the portrait is quite unique and appealing in nature. The folded hands of the woman highlight her reserved posture while her eyes and lips speak unheard stories and emotions. The face and emotions welcome the viewer with a smile that is enigmatic in nature yet appealing and spellbinding. The corners of the mouth and eyes have been painted brightly that enhances the beauty of the portrait.

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