Monday, August 26, 2019

CIPD- PDP Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

CIPD- PDP - Essay Example As a result of frequent discussion, reading and research, I was able to gain a broad understanding of the major concepts and theories of human resource management. The second aspect of the development plan was to develop leadership skills by participating actively in skill development sessions on various topics such as employee engagement in strategic decision making and career planning. These development sessions allowed me to practice my speaking and communication skills. Contrary to my expectations, I discovered that I lacked the required level of assertiveness and persuasiveness in my communication style. On the other hand, I was able to come across as a good listener capable of demonstrating high empathy levels. I realized that I could use this as my strength in situations such as employee counselling, grievance situations, interviewing job candidates, and so on. However, I need to develop my assertiveness and persuasiveness without which I may not become a successful leader in my organization. The CIPD (2014) requirements for associate members state that competence in interpersonal and technical skills is essential. Hence, this aspect of the development plan was not met to the desired levels. The third aspect of the development plan was to develop self-consistency in the practice and application of HR practices and policies in the organizational setting. The aim was to improve my concentration and attention levels by immersing myself in actual settings. I took an internship as an HR practitioner in various departments of the organization. During my internship I learnt the functions of sourcing, recruitment, reward management and organizational development and their interaction with other functions of HR. This was the most interesting experience of following the development plan as I got the opportunity to interact with professionals and learn from experience. I sharpened several professional skills such as

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