Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Business Environment in Relation to Morrisons Essay

The Business Environment in Relation to Morrisons - Essay Example The details further establish the salient use of the variables in rebuilding the supermarkets’ strategic framework. The company’s factors of success Morrisons has competently claimed its position in the U.Ks retail market through the lead in delivery of quality food and groceries. The supermarket chain has grown tremendously after merging with Safeways Company. Morrisons currently has the capability to make on-point deliveries effectively than the competitors. The outlet discovered that, some of its drawbacks resulted from poor distribution and delivery channels. Therefore, it strategized accordingly, and in the modern day, the company has a neat flow of goods to reach the final consumer via the outlets it established. The company has reduced the overall overheads through the procurement of privately owned transportation means, and outlets. The company enjoys customer loyalty through the delivery of quality goods satisfactorily at the time that the consumer may perceive the need (Henry, 2008: 66). Morrisons Company seeks to deliver value profitably to the consumer for mutual benefits. It first establishes customers’ needs and determines the most pressing that call for immediate attention. The company wins over the competition through intense research to ascertain any changes in the markets and the availability of new markets. Suppliers’ core value to a business is to deliver materials and inventories. Morrisons realized that, their suppliers were incompetent and the costs of sourcing them were relatively high. Therefore, the supermarket has established supply chains thus, resulting to reduced costs of materials and effective distribution of products to its various chain stores. The main factors towards the growth of supermarkets are; customer satisfaction, reduced costs hence considerably low prices, and effective delivery of quality products (Bensoussan & Fleisher, 2008: 68). The supermarket has continuously erected food stores in a n attempt to reach all entire market, which still remains inadequately catered for. Through the strategic mission and vision statements, the company propels the set plans and strategies to achieving its goals and objectives. Morrisons’ vision and mission statements express their practices inertly, and more emphasis relates to customer satisfaction. The company enjoys economies of scale by the fast and the effective rate of diversification of investment.  

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