Thursday, October 10, 2019

Current Issues on Bullying Essay

In all actuality I really think what’s causing children to bully and fight each other at school and when there is no authority taking place these days is because the media! Children watch TV and most have access to the internet every day. The shooting and violent video games they play are teaching and brain washing are kids to think and react the way they are now. The only way possible to cut down on bullying is to have parents that care. Have parents’ that are watching and knowing their children’s every day lives and what goes on in them. Just by asking â€Å"how was your day† shows your child that you are interested in what went on who’s who and what’s what. There is also a new way of what we call cyber bulling in this day and age, no longer is it in the school yard but now in your child’s bedroom with the door closed and him/her taking the punches and stabs while you don’t even know it. My mother as a child would always monitor my internet usage and what websites I would go on and who I would be communicating with at all times. I thank her f or that because I could have been a victim of cyber bullying. What kids don’t seem to understand is the ones who are doing the bullying it is so easy to sit at their computer and type the words not knowing what the other person that is being bullied is going through or feeling or expressions. So in closing I feel that where the correction starts on kids bulling is in the home and with the parents one on one always in the â€Å"know†. Sometimes its good to be the childs friend so they can always have a mom/dad to tell them when they are feeling angry, hostile or even being the one who’s being hurt.

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