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Gay Marriage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Gay Marriage - Essay Example It is relevant to take into account views of both antagonists and proponents of gay marriage. For example, Laura Kipnis claims that gay marriage is a logical continuation of relations among gay couples. Their emotional and psychological conditions should be united in the name of happiness. Moreover, gay marriage is often misperceived by the society, because attention is paid to sexual and intimate relations, but this type of relations is not considered as an option of adoption. There are a lot of orphans throughout the world and if there is a chance to provide those poor children with parents, why to take this option away from them? Analysis and Evaluation Jullian Rayfield gave a prompt answer to the question of gay marriage legalization. The article of the author named â€Å"New York State Senate Passes Marriage Equality Bill† (24 June, 2011) considers background information and reactions for gay marriage in the State of New York. Many years have passed since the first time g ays made an attempt to protect their rights and initiated a struggle for their love. Currently, gay marriage was legalized in the New York State Senate and this fact should be considered as victory of gays of America. This struggle occurred on the political background, though this issue is of a social and individual nature. Gay community received support from some political parties and it shows that modern politicians are open-minded and are ready for changes and blurring of limits of the modern society. Republicans supported legalization of gay marriage, because they would undermine democratic principles of their policies. It is possible to claim that harmonious society depends on harmonious members, happy individuals, which have a chance to live their lives with their beloved persons. Why not to have a child in the families of this type? As a rule, gays are loving parents and there are no objective reasons for preventing them from being parents. There are evident changes in the mo dern society and the institute of marriage reflects these changes as well. Heterosexual marriage has changed and the role of women is different from the one they had in the beginning of the 20th century. Gay marriage as a new social institution is still unstable, but it is possible to argue that this social phenomenon has a chance to survive in the modern society. Nevertheless, the fact that gay marriage is negatively accepted in the modern society cannot be denied. Thus, Bidstrup is focused on morality of gay marriage. There are many social stereotypes, which have been developed in the society for many years and gay marriage is often positioned as a morally perverted phenomenon, which is not appropriate even for the modern diverse society. This fact can be explained by considerations of gay marriage in emotional context, where the main emphasis is made on intimate and sexual relations of gays and not on their social roles (Bawr, 1994). Gays are perceived as abnormal or deviant indi viduals, which reach their satisfaction in a perverse manner. It is better to discuss an option of gay marriage as a socially beneficial phenomenon, when two beloved persons are able to contribute much to the development of the community and of the society as well. Moreover, gay marriage and adoption of children should be considered as socially favorable phenomena, because both these factors will create atmosphere of tolerance, patience and understanding in the society. It is possible to

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