Saturday, October 5, 2019

Identify the following 7 word in a 1-2 sentence(all more) definition Essay

Identify the following 7 word in a 1-2 sentence(all more) definition - Essay Example Under the terms of the Berlin conference that subdivided the African continent among the European powers seeking colonies in Africa, the Belgians under the rule of King Leopold colonized Congo. 3. The McCartney mission- The McCartney mission was meant to ease the restrictions of trade by the Chinese. The restrictions inhibited the ability of the British to trade with inland China. However, the mission failed because the Chinese emperors demanded certain ceremonies that were deemed humiliating by the British 4. Capitalism- capitalism an economic and political system in which private investors control the productive capital and the government generates revenue through taxation. It is by far the most popular economic system in the world because it empowers people to have ambition. However, it is capable of creating inequality in the society. For example, it creates huge gaps between the rich and the poor in the societies where it is present. 5. Utopian socialism- Utopian socialism developed due to the inequalities presented by capitalism. The Utopian socialism was ideal and ideological societies that were supposed to be characterized by justice and equality for all members. In the ideologies, the societies were characterized with positive policies to change the society. Later, socialists attacked the Utopian socialism because they merely projected the image of a futuristic society without stipulating a way to get there. 6. Revolutionary socialism- revolutionary socialism replaced Utopian socialism and proposed the ideas that were used in the formulation of present day capitalism. The ideologies were based on the need for creation of societies where all people were equal and the state controlled the productive capital. The revolutionary socialism was first proposed by Carl Marx and was later used by Lenin to introduce communism in Russia. 7. Industrial revolution- the industrial revolution was a period between 1760 and 1840. It

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