Friday, October 25, 2019

TapNet Business Plan Essays -- TapNet Business Management Essays

TapNet Business Plan TapNet Executive Summary (Trade Association Portal) represents a tremendous opportunity for it's directors, partners and potential stockholders. 1.1 The Opportunity The Internet and specifically business-to business applications are expanding at a tremendous rate. Many companies and associations are entering this portal area to provide valuable products services to the industry and generate economic profit at the same time. TapNet's Board of Directors saw this opportunity about year ago and has been fine tuning their concept and approach. Since this time, TapNet has moved forward and further developed the concept, gathered content and interacted with hundreds of potential customers around the world and gained their support. 1.2 The Application TapNet is more than a website or portal, it is an Internet based application that supports the trade association’s business operations, offers buyers and sellers the chance to find each other, interact and eventually purchase products and services on-line. TapNet provides these core competencies and capabilities to trade association, many of which could not afford these required business capabilities without TapNet as their provider. TapNet provides the foundation for a dominating site that drives the industry rather than just responding to it. TapNet plans to continue development of both its technology and the information resources it offers. This will be accomplished by developing buyer guide matrixes for associations to list their information, developing TapNet enabling features and functions, and by providing content and interaction that truly bring the trade association community closer together. TapNet will also provide a strong mar... ...nding Shares 3,850,000 Available to Public 4,000,000 40% Retained by Directors/Executives/Board 5,100,000 51% Remained authorized but unissued 200,000 2% Reserved for Stock Options for future employees 200,000 2% Total Shares Authorized 10,000,000 100% Use of Funds The capital raised during this offering will be used in the following ways: On-going Operations 12,288,701 Implement Technology Platform 2,187,556 Marketing Costs 260,000 Networks & Assets 4,474,800 Legal 20,000 Total Use of Funds 19,231,057 7.4 Investors Return Rate of Return over 4 years 226% 7.5 Exit Strategy Directors propose an outright sale of TapNet with in 48 months of launching offering. (1/2005)

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