Friday, October 18, 2019

What is Needed to become an excellent Entrepreneur Essay

What is Needed to become an excellent Entrepreneur - Essay Example 5- Be Confident: Confidence is a key to success. Confidence holds a vital importance in becoming a successful person, entrepreneur and a good salesperson. Confidence gives a person the art of speaking confidently without any fear. Therefore, it is important to understand that a salesperson should be confident enough to persuade his customers. 6- Make Observations: It is important for a salesperson or a marketer to develop thorough observations regarding the personal choice or the interests of the buyers. Observations add to a person’s experience and understanding of even the minute details. 7- Know the Market: One should know about his market and products. Without the knowledge of market and products, a salesperson cannot convey proper information to the customers or the buyers. Four valuable elements: 1- The Spin Selling Skills: The spin selling skills revolve around the classic selling techniques that can help a salesperson to boost his business. The spin selling skills incl uding analysis of the situation collecting observations and developing the understanding of the problems .Spin selling skill also include asking the questions related to the situation of the problem ,how to implement the hurt and rescue approach that may drive the buyer towards your business and the products. It is also important for a skilled salesperson to understand demands and needs of his buyer which makes them realize that ‘buyer is important his salesperson’. 2- Farmers and Hunters Theory: In this theory it has been described that a salesperson should know and act according to his role either he is acting as a hunter who is trying to generate leads for the business or he is performing the role of a farmer which generates his business opportunities from existing...Seven things that I have learnt in class: My learning during my course of studies will help me to become an excellent entrepreneur, a good marketer or an experienced salesperson in the future. I cannot u ndermine the value of the most important things that I have learnt during the class and from the course books that I have read. This would not only develop a better understanding of how and what I should do but it will also help me to develop and implement better business strategies in future. These are: 1.Situation and Problem Analysis 2.Develop Reasoning and Question 3.Add value and experience to your product 4.Be Persuasive 5.Be Confident 6.Make Observations 7.Know the Market Three Important Items to Use as Basic Skills: 1.To know the needs of a buyer 2.To Develop Reasoning and Questioning with the Client 3.To be confident It is important for a salesperson to develop all the necessary skills that may help him to be good and effective salesman in order to expand his business and to develop a strong relation with his clients. These skills and my learning during studies will help me to develop a better understanding of how to analyze the situation, how to overcome problems, how to develop reasoning with logic and conscience and how to implement the better strategies to gain better results. These few things are essential for every salesperson and a marketer to know in order to expand his business and to gain success over his competitors without any hassles or fear.

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